Color Flip

Color Flip ( or Colour Flip ) is a highly addictive, endless, simple and skill timing game. Give it a try once and you’ll 1end up being hooked up on it for hours trying to beat your own high score. Along with the fun it also plays a noticeable role in the improvement of your hand eye coordination. It helps polish your reaction timings. With Color Interactivity this game will replace the boredom of your life with endless fun.

Score Chart:
Hard Mode:

<10: Yeah, See you later
15-19: Good for a start
20-24: Ok, You’re getting quite better
25-34: Now that’s pretty good
35-44: WOW, You’re pretty awesome at this
45-55: Whoa….
55-65: NO WAY, Please tell me you’re joking
65+: Probably the best in the world
Very Hard Mode:

1-4: Well its fine
5-9: It’s actually pretty great
10-19: That’s actually quite awesome for a beginning
20-24: Impressive
25-29: Boy, You’re good at this
30-34: You’re pulling my legs off
35-45: Ok now this is getting pretty hard hard to believe
45+: Are you from Mars?

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