Cell Rush – Avoid The Virus, Catch The Red Blood

In Cell Rush one thing is certain: you must be good under pressure. Simply show great control of your cell, avoid 1obstacles in the form of white blood cells with tap and drag controls. It will get hard, just swipe the cell away from the white blood cells and collect as many red blood cells as possible. React fast and precisely, as this is one of those swiper games that require constant focus, strategy of movements and sharpness if you want to succeed and get the best scores all the time.

This is a dynamic and ultra-entertaining experience from the very start. As the cells are constantly moving, you need to be completely focused to avoid them smartly. This requires constant movement of your cell and lots of fast and precise swipes in the most important moments.

This cell pressure game has competitive spirit as well. Each and every time you play, you have the possibility to compete on the global leaderboard of players. With the tap and drag, swiper game play, you’ll will be constantly entertained, while also being challenged to always do your best. Feel the competitive spirit in this 2swiper game.

 Cell Rush – Avoid Obstacles features:
– exciting casual challenge
– dynamic game play that requires focus and control
– easy tap, hold and drag controls
– filled with amusing avoid the obstacle challenges
– rankings and achievements
– free


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