Catch The Dots

A fun,free and simple game to play! You’ll have to match the falling dot with the dots on the wheel to win points and unlock achievements. Get the highest score and share it on social media to show off with your friends! Challenge 1yourself and your friends on the leaderboard. Test your reflexes and rotate the wheel as quickly as possible

Features :
✔ SIMPLE and super EASY to play
✔ Extremely fun and ADDICTIVE!
✔ Completely FREE to play with nothing to purchase
✔ Race with the time to rotate the wheel within FRACTIONS of a second !
✔ SHARE your highest score with your friends!
✔ Can be CHALLENGING and FRUSTRATING at the same time!

How To Play :
A tap on the right side of the screen rotates the wheel clockwise and a tap on the left side of the screen rotates the wheel counter-clockwise.

Download Catch the Dots for Free:




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