Card Chronicle

It’s time to head out and traverse the regions of Neubilor! Card Chronicle – Battle of Neuso will take you through a large adventure where you must battle many foes and take down The Barons to earn their respect. Befriending these Barons will be your only hope to taking down The Auros and uncover the truth that they keep from the populace. They collect the Neuso from the crystals across the land and are empowering themselves, as they have seen the Screenshot_20170803163146various creatures in Neubilor do as they continue to evolve and strengthen.

It will be up to you to tame the creatures in the land and add them to your collection of cards to use in battle. Once you build a powerful, unbeatable deck, you just MAY be ready for what lies at the end of your journey. Do you feel up to the task of standing up for the people of Neubilor? Are you ready to be a savior using pure wit and skill? It is time to prove yourself worthy to be deemed the Champion of Neuso!


☩ Various creature cards and challenging battles. Screenshot_20170803163131

No repetitive game play just to level up. Each battle is challenging and unique. Along with a new battle mechanic, you will need to continuously come up with the best tactic to beat the AI, which means you will never get bored as the game will keep you on your toes.

☩ Magnificent Game Graphic and Sounds.

We have created awesome game graphics and sounds for this fantasy card game. You will feel like you’re stepping into the fantasy world where the neuso-empowered creatures still roam.

☩ Practice your deck building and improve your card collection

Purchase more magical creatures with your gold or crystal shards of magic. You can also sell the cards you don’t need. Each card and creature has its own attribute, strength, and weakness. You need to balance the attributes, Power, and HP when you build your deck and fight your opponents.Screenshot_20170803163051

☩ Level up magical creatures and strengthen their elemental power attributes.

Your magical creatures will continue to grow and become stronger. One of your tasks is thinking up the best strategy to level up your favorite cards and creatures for future battles. You will also need to consider the five types of elements in this game. These elemental powers are Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and the less understood element simply known as Uncommon. Keep an eye on these attributes and how they might affect your battle strategy.

☩ More updates to come!

We are in the process of adding a lot more features to our epic fantasy card game. You will be able to explore various Regions ruled by the Baron and Baroness. You will be able to fight against other players, and much more! Now you can practice your deck building and battle skill with our AI to prepare you to fight Friends and other Players in a Battle for Neuso!

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