Bubble Match – Free & Fun

A free & fun little tetris inspired single screen game with varying levels of difficulty. Guide and place different color bubbles while trying to avoid a variety of obstacles to form rows of the same color. Accumulate the most amount of points for combinations until the timer runs out! screen696x696

Control the falling bubbles by tapping on the left and right of the screen and also swiping up, down, left and right. The more you tap and or swipe the faster the bubbles will move. Detailed how to play instructions are in the app, its a simple and fun interface perfect to kill a few minutes every now and again.

The app integrates Game Center support to upload high scores for each different difficulty level and also features In App purchases to buy game tokens for players that require more than they can win during normal game play. Game Tokens can be used to get boosts in the game store.

Best suited for iPhone 6 or later models but will run fine on iPhone 5 and 5s too, not suitable for iPhone 4s and earlier models.

Download it today and have a go!




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