Breathe Money

The year is 2030, the place is Brem City. The wars for blocks are still being waged everywhere. People are now being forced to pay for the simplest things like air. They call it “Breathe Money”. The banks were looted during the last turf war. Breathe money has been stashed around Brem City. There’s only two groups of people left in the world, Hip-Hop lovers and corrupt Breathe Money officials called Bops. Your game mission is to destroy as many bops as possible, 1and restore the city to fun parties and awesomeness. The more bops you defeat with your razor sharp microphone skills, the more Breathe Money you can get your hands on. It takes skills to save Brem City. Lil Nudi, Ganja, and Boy Face are the best rappers to ever come out of Brem City. Choose one to go head to head with the Crooked Bops. This app will teach you how to hustle until you make it. It is the ultimate hip-hop gaming experience for music lovers, and app gamers all over. Got a long commute, wanna keep your friends updated on your progress, while teasing your brain? Use our social media to share your achievements on all popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Use the accessory store to purchase the Best Rapper Alive “Golden Microphone”, and more Breathe Money to go extra hard at the Bops. Keep going extra hard and you may just save Brem City. That’ll keep the boys from crashing in on your trap spot. This game has fresh rides, a few different grooved out characters, and a lit soundtrack. We all need money to breathe a little deeper in life, so learn how the best business minds get their grind on. Stack that Breathe Money baby!!

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