Bounce Jumper

Jump while you are bouncing from trampoline to trampoline. Simply hold the screen to control your character move to the next trampoline.

Longer you hold or touch the screen, further your Panda goes.
Collect pineapple in the sky to unlock more new animals.

How far can you jump?

Don’t fall down!

· Unlock Cool Cute New Animals (Panda,Monkey,Elephant…)
· Drive U Crazy Also Extremely Fun & Addicting

How to play:
1. Lightly swipe to control.
2. Collect pineapple to unlock animals.
3. Magic Bracelet can make you float safely in a bubble for a while.
4. Trampoline will break down once you jump on.
5. You can land on the cars unlimited, but some of them will move.

Download Bounce Jumper for Free:




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