Black Block

Get ready to solve the challenging puzzles.! Unblock the black block’s path by sliding the ice blocks surrounding it 1with “Black Block ”. The game “Black Block ” is an addictive puzzling game with great user interface and intuitive touch mode gaming controls. Just slide the ice blocks up, down or sideways to clear the way for the black block. Try to get the black block in the minimum number of steps and beat your own target.! “Black Block” is the best mind exercising game perfect for all age group players from kids to teens to adults.!
The game “Black Block is designed with over 80 challenging puzzles with 4 difficulty levels starting from beginners to the expert level. Stay focussed and analyze the ice blocks to get the best possible way. Solve the puzzle faster in the minimum number of steps and get the highest points. Challenge your friends with your score and check out the solving capability. Play the game whenever you want or whenever you get bored. “Block Block” is the best stress buster game with lots of challenging levels and interesting features.!2

✓ Fascinating user interface with intuitive touch mode controls
✓ Over 80 challenging block puzzles
✓ Puzzles well categorized into 4 difficulty levels
✓ Beginners to expert levels
✓ Leaderboard to track your target with timer mode and minimum number of steps
Download the puzzling game “Black Block” and enjoy solving the puzzles. The game will improve your analyzing skills along with solving skills and responsiveness. “Shark rescue” is the best mind exercising game to always stay relaxed and refreshing. You will love playing the game and will surely get addicted to the challenging puzzles.!

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