Basketball Pres Manager Free

In Basketball President Manager, you are named President of Basketball Operations to take control of the basketball 1team of your favorite city (30 teams). You were hired in difficult times.
* Real managing, important decisions and challenges.

You are a responsible President of Operations, who will handling the entire game management responsibilities with problems and misunderstandings with the coaching staff, the fans or the board of directors, just like in real life !
* What’s your Mandates ?

As president you must succeed your sports and financial challenges !
Your Assistant General Manager works for you, he will propose to you severals players and head coaches depending of his skills and the current Division (a total of 3).

* Build your own Team with your own policies !

Use the Draft at the end of season to get future stars or sign Free Agents !
Improve your basketball team, through the all Major League Divisions and win Championship Trophies !
Basketball President Manager, FEATURES*

– Negociate with Player’s Agent.
– Board of Directors requests a vote before important decisions.
– Change the ticket season price.
– Upgrade your Stadium.
– Upgrade your Training facilities and watch your Players get new competencies.
– Buy, sell, cut loose or fire employees.
– Compare your score with Leaderboard.3
– Ask more funds by getting an Official Partner or a Sponsorship.
– Enjoy a realistic transfer system.
– Live the obsession of all Presidents about players : Homesick, Injuries…
– Achievements and more !


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