Are We There Yet – Car Games

Get on the open road and treat your family to the classic car games you remember as a kid. Whether you are taking 1off on a great family adventure or quick trip to the grocery store, your family will love collecting as many license plates as they can spot while unlocking backgrounds and car parts to customize your own in-game dashboard. You can also set a trip timer for your family, which means never having to hear “are we there yet?” Fun gameplay and beautiful graphics make this an essential game for any road trip in your future.

• Version 1.1 of Are We There Yet includes the license plate game. There will be more to come soon.
• Play as a group or head-to-head with multiple player color combinations2
• Enjoy easy, medium, or hard modes for advanced play
• Set a trip timer that will count down the allotted time until your arrival
• Pause and resume the trip timer to account for any roadside attractions
• Pick between a variety of of custom vehicles for your profile avatar
• Unlock achievements including backgrounds and car parts for your customizable dashboard.

Download Are We There Yet – Car Games:




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