Youman is a social real-time interactive human powered search engine.1

Youman comes to fill the gap that search engines, automated assistants and such services leave without giving you an answer.

Could you ask a search engine if this snake you just found in your kitchen is poisonous?

Could you ask your automated assistant to tell you which of these pictures is authentic?

Could you ask either of them to vote on which color looks best on your car?

As you can see, there is a lot of ‘search’ beyond search engines and automated assistants…

Youman goes where no search engine has gone before, tapping the human global collective knowledge.

So, how does it work?

You simply enter you question or poll (item), and it will be instantly sent to other people (Youmans) that have shown an interest in the same topic and may be able to help.2

You will be notified when other Youmans interact with your item.

In the same fashion you will be asked to help other Youmans by answering and voting on their items.

Using your feedback (likes/dislikes/votes/comments), Youman will learn about the things that interest you most and will try to show you only content that is relevant to you.

Why only 24 hours?

We want to make sure all content available through Youman is extremely current, this is a ‘real-time’ kind of service, it is not a forum that gets quickly outdated. It is quick, short, relevant, ‘right-now’ global information…

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