Wind & Weather with 3D compass

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Download to see the current weather and wind direction for your current position!

Whether you are setting sail, going for a bike ride or flying with kite, this app is for you. With this app you will never have to leave your home not knowing what the weather is like.

Get instant wind speed and wind direction presented in a beautiful floating compass, along with temperature, pressure, cloudiness and other weather info for your current location.
Useful when travelling.

This app shows
• Wind speed and true wind direction no matter how you point your device
• Temperature
• Atmospheric pressure
• Rain fall measurement1
• Cloudiness indicator
• General weather info
• Name of your current position

Wind speed is presented in km/h or MPH depending on your phone’s Regions settings, or units of your own choice. The same same for pressure (hPa or inHg,) temperature (°C or °F,) precipitation (mm or in.)

Download Wind & Weather with 3D Compass for Free:




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