WhosWatching: Your Free Guard

Let’s face it, mobiles have become extremely useful and a very important part of our life. So much so that we find ourselves using them everywhere including our daily commute, in uni/school or even in a boring gathering!

But, have you ever found yourself worried about others behind you with “wondering eyes”, wanting to peek into your private affairs on Facebook or Snapchat, or worse perhaps into 1your bank dealings?

Worry no more when you install the WhosWatching App. The app that acts as the “eyes on the back of your head” or your own personal “review mirror” for your mobile. You can continue to work normally, while WhosWatching will be on guard, showing who’s watching, in an overlay as seen on the images.

With the app, you’ll be able to

– see who’s watching your screen from behind
– take screenshots of the ‘sneaky peeks’ to share
– keep a record of sessions and photos taken

Use the app to guard you on public transport, busy places or anywhere else you feel. It can even safeguard you when you’re walking through a park. This is your personal guard with electronic record keeping built in!

Download now for Free!




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