Who Visited Facebook Profile

We are using smart trick to get the list of users who might be watching your profile frequently.1

You can see 6 users for free when you install the Profile Stalkers app, You can buy to see all the Profile Viewers. you can refresh it as many times you want and can see updated list of your Secrete Admirers . You can see full picture of Your Profile Visitors by clicking on the picture you see.

App will ask to login with facebook to get the details. We will run the strong algorithm to get the list for you.

Here is the trick

The list you are getting is depend on the activities you are doing on facebook. List will be updated on time based on that. You are messaging some one or liking their status, commenting can change the order of the list.

You need to check and analyze the people to whom you have not talked and not interacted with them since long, those are your Profile Visitors.2

Dont be confused by thinking that person who is on top is Viewing your Profile Most the most. Those are the users to whom you are chatting, you need to find those to whom you are not talking or interacting and still see them among the list of Profile Stalkers.

Who is watching your facebook is most secure application, the details that you are putting is the secure, so you dont need to worry about that.

It is great chance to find your crush using this app.

Hope you guys will enjoy it.

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