Weezy SMS & Social

Weezy innovates the world of SMS and MMS messaging with maximum customization and its social network that 1works without Internet!

Add a photo in background or even a starry animation, choose the colors of each element, adapt your taste and colors according to your mood of the moment!

• Each created theme can be saved to be reused when you want in the messaging and can also be associated with a specific conversation
• The rest of the app automatically adapts to each of your themes
• Customizable emojis window
• Text size can be changed anywhere
• Automatic night mode

Weezy goes even further and offers you to create your social profile to stay connected with your friends… without any Internet connection!
Even without WiFi and mobile data, you will be able to use the Weezy social network and you increase the battery 2life.

• Create and customize your page which will be visible to all your friends
• Publish and share images, music and videos
• Play Tic Tac Toe with your friends and share your games!
• WeezySMS: Exclusive feature that allows you to send an image via SMS!

• Delivery reports
• Quick reply : Answer messages without leaving what you were doing!
• Flashlight notification : Don’t miss your messages!
• Customizable LED notification and vibrator!
• Adjustable SMS limit : Send big messages without any problems!
• Multiple selection for : Mark as unread, copy or delete!
• Messages research

• NotiMessage : Exclusive to Weezy, this tool allows you to prepare your message and send it whenever you want by clicking on the notification!3
• Scheduled message: Schedule date and time to send your message!
• Number blocker : Block received messages from unwanted numbers

A social network without the Internet, how is it possible?
Weezy intelligently uses SMS to reproduce the social aspect that can be found online, so you have access to all its functions without even having access to the Internet!
This has several advantages, a 100% confidentiality because all the data is stored in your phone, nobody can access it except you!
Everything is accessible even if your mobile is offline.
(No SMS is sent without your knowledge, it is sent to each of your social activities)

Other innovative features are coming!


Download Weezy SMS & Social on Android for Free:




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