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No more missing out. Discover the best events in your city with Vuevent, the only app that allows you to tailor event listings to your interests. The best local concerts, sports, festivals, happy hours and parties all at your fingertips.

Need to find the nearest introductory yoga seminar?
Interested in the biggest concerts this weekend?
Wondering which teams are squaring off in the big game?
Or just trying to find a local open mic night?

Vuevent has you covered. Using our simple navigation, our app will select the best events that match your interests 1among the thousands of events happening in your city we show you the best events in your city – curated to your taste. Follow your friends and local VIPs so you never miss out. We’re spreading across the country fast, and want everyone to know where to be and when to be there.

Austin events
Denver events
Las Vegas events
Dallas events
Houston events
San Francisco events
New York events
San Diego events
Chicago events
and many many more!

Vuevent is the best way to find out what’s happening in your city. Swipe through to view and gain access to millions of events and parties in town. From the biggest chandelier formals to the smallest, hippest coffee shop poetry reading, Vuevent has it – just download, login, and create your profile.
Customize your feed to your personal taste and only view the events that interest you. When you login, you’ll have the chance to select the events you care about most. Choose from sports, festivals, food, music, theater, social gatherings, and fitness events to see what’s going on around you. No more searching – all you have to do is go.

You can favorite events or set filters to find the best events your city has to offer without any hassle. See events based on location, venue, time, or attendees.

New social features make it easier than ever to find events your friends are attending and meet up with them. See who’s on the list and get on it yourself – all in one app.

Menu Options:

Update Location – Drop a pin on your exact location. Vuevent will show you what’s going on down the block, the next neighborhood over or across the entire city. Going to be somewhere else later that night? Drop a pin in that location and you’ll be ready for the afterparty. Vuevent follows you, you follow the party.

Discover Events – See a rolling list of every event that matches your preferences. Add or subtract filters from this screen directly, so you can change your mood for the evening but still keep your permanent settings saved.

My Interests – See all the categories you’re interested in, or make changes. We’ll curate the perfect event list for your taste.

My Profile – Upload a profile and say a little about yourself. Make friends and find fellow partiers through Vuevent.

My Network – Friends already on the app? Bring them into your network! We’ll be able to show you which interests and brands you have in common – and keep you up to date on where they’re going, even if they haven’t told you.

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