VOIZD : Voice Without Fear

Discover & Listen to thoughts, secrets, Hidden opinions and confessions of people near you. Share your own Voice unnamedstories. Connect with Like- minded people. Start a discussion. Give and receive support

What is Voizd?
Voizd is a Buzzing online anonymous community where people freely express their real opinions & thought in their own voice without the fear of ever been judged or labeled. Listen to what others really think about various topics and connect with like-minded people. Have a question? Post it to the vibrant community and get their unbiased advice and support.

— Fun Facts—
• Express your Thoughts, Secrets, Confessions, and Whisper in your voice, while you remain Anonymous

• Voice Changer with effects feature makes your voice stories & you completely Anonymous

• Listen to real Voice stories – secret thoughts and opinions of people near you & from around the worldunnamed

• Browse and listen to Live Voice stories and opinions based on # trending topics

• Connect & Respond to other people Voice stories using comments & array of emoticons (emoji) like Hugs, LOL, Hi5, luvit, Angry, OMG

• Ask Interesting Questions and Hear Real Answers from the community of people near your or around the world in their Voice while they all of remain Anonymous

• Listen and appreciate funny Audio Jokes in English, Hindi, Guajarati, Telugu, Tamil and many other languages

• Listen and Enjoy Audio Poetry recited in Urdu, English, Hindi by people near you

• Send funny messages to friends using Voice changer with effects

• You can even add pictures to your voice message while using Voice recorder & Voice Changer

• Voizd is your Secret diary to record all your hidden Thoughts, Secrets, Confessions, Whispers in your voiceunnamed

• No signup required makes Voizd the only truly Anonymous App

• Only Audio Anonymous Secret thoughts App in the world where people share secrets in Voice

• Connect & chat with like-minded people from near you and around the world

• Record and save unlimited Voice Stories / Blogs in My Voizs section

• Favorite / Bookmark most interesting secret Audio stories / voice Blogs to hear later

• Voizd posts are like micro podcasts with pictures that can we easily shared

• Many people say Voizd is their favorite Live voice /Audio Blogging App

Voizd Mission
Our mission is to give voice to thoughts of 7 billion people on the planet, to broadcast LIVE to the world – the continuous hum of humanity. We aim at giving voice to every person, every language, people on the move, in conflict zones, at home, at concerts, under igloos, on mountains or simply wanting to talk their heart out. Irreverent, edgy – the voice / audio app gives you the live thoughts of the world in a live stream of audio bytes. Join the voice revolution.

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