Voice Answer

Voice Answer is a voice assistant that gives answers on many topics and can assist you with lots of tasks. We have aaintroduced a stunning 3D robot with whom you can chat, ask detailed questions and who can guide and help you.

The knowledge base behind the app contains ‘Wolfram Alpha’ as well as Wikipedia amongst others, which gives you an enormous amount of information in your pocket.

Examples of topics and specific questions:

‘Integrate sin x dx from x=0 to pi’

Units & Measures bbb
‘What is the U.K. men’s size 11 shoe in Japanese size’

Money & Finance
‘What is the current Apple stock price’

Statistics & Data Analysis
‘Geometric mean 12, 17’

Dates & Times
‘What is the current time in Tokyo?’

Socioeconomic Data ccc
‘What is an Intercity bus driver salary?’

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