Trippn – Smart Trip Planner

– Plan a day on your vacation or a night out in over 30,000 cities1
– Trips are personalized to your selected interests
– Pick from the highest rated spots in your area
– View and share your itinerary with step-by-step directions
– Find the closest hotspots when you’re already out
– Find the best deals in town
– Chat with other users traveling to your destination

Trippn generates a unique walking tour every time, taking into account your hand-picked interests, local reviews, hours of operation and proximity. You no longer have to worry about the details and logistics of planning. Trippn optimizes your time to hit the most points of interest possible in the shortest time. Detailed directions are shown on a map.

Your itinerary can be saved and shared with others. Want to connect with others travelers in your area? Check out the citywide chatrooms.
Head over to the Deals section to save money on flight, accommodations and local points of interest.

Already out on the town? Just hit “Instant” mode and find what you’re looking for right by you.

Take the legwork out of your walking…


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