Trip Tracker GPS

Whether you are a passionate outdoor person who likes jogging, hiking, running or cycling; or you are a small 1business owner who wants to track your business travel records; or you are a frequent traveler who wants to record your journeys; or you want to monitor and analyze your motion activities while you are inside a vehicle, a boating or an airplane or any moving objects, Trip Tracker GPS Pro has you all covered!

Main Features:

◉ Track different trip types such as walking, running, cycling, driving, boating, flying, vacation, business and etc.

◉ Users can obtain each trip type history with statistics like distance, duration and mean speed.

◉ Export the trip history to an Excel file, or email, print summary report and share with others.

◉ No need to create an account to use the app.2

◉ All data are saved in local device. Personal data are not transmitted through any network.

◉ Data are completely private unless the users choose to share with others.


Download Trip Tracker GPS for Android:




Download Trip Tracker GPS for iOS:




Trip Tracker GPS is also available in a Pro version. Compared to the free version, the Pro version saves the hassle of purchasing each individual item through In-App Purchase.

Download Trip Tracker GPS Pro for Android:




Download Trip Tracker GSP Pro for iOS:




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