Transparent Live Wallpaper Pro

You can browse through your phone while you see the background as transparent live wallpaper where things move live while working on your phone. 1
You can text while walking looking at the walking path through your mobile with the transparent screen live wallpaper effect. You can browse your other mobile applications while looking through your mobile since your mobile looks transparent.
Transparent Live Wallpaper is an excellent live wallpaper app where you can watch the real live things happening in front of you through your mobile. It really gives you an impression that your mobile phone is transparent.
How it works?
Once you install our transparent live wallpaper app on your mobile, all you need to do is… just click on set as wallpaper and immediately the effect takes place and you can see yourself that the mobile becomes transparent. It is as simple as that… Now your phone becomes transparent with transparent live wallpaper app.
Your mobile phone back camera helps you to get this effect.

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