Traista is a map based platform for lost & found items, plus shopping deals. Because who doesn’t like saving money?1

Have you lost a dear pet? Or something of sentimental value? Traista app will help! Post it here and the community will help you find it in no time.

Wonder what great shopping deals are at your favorite mall or small business? Open Traista and find out! Post a shopping deal, happy hour or anything in between for others to see.

SIMPLE AND FAST: Post your lost & found item, pet, or shopping deal with a few clicks. If you can post a status on your favorite social media, then this is as easy as that process.

CLEAN AND INTUITIVE DESIGN: Open the map, and based on your location you can see what’s around you. Want to see what’s available in areas you’ll soon travel? Search on the map.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Retrieve your lost item instead of paying for a new one. Find a shopping deal on the map, click on it to get directions to it. Why struggle with lists, emails or newsletters.

MAP INTEGRATED: Traista uses map based services to find businesses on map and their 2posted shopping deals. The icons will let you sort three main things visible on the map: lost items, found items, shopping deals. That’s it.

BUSINESS PROMOTIONS: Easy as pie. If you want to try it yourself, or have a team managing your business locations, this is a wonderful additional channel to promote your business at a minimal cost.

Join the growing community and share with friends, family and your favorite business.

FREE for people, FREE for businesses, PREMIUM option for businesses that want to manage more than one location or advertise their deal in advance.

PREMIUM option: Ability to post deals at multiple locations, 2 weeks in advance to promote/advertise your deal. Dedicated support. More features to come.

PREMIUM IS FREE for a limited time depending on subscription for all businesses during our launch special.

Download Traista for Free:




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