To Do List on Lock Screen

This is probably the first app on play store that will keep you constantly notified with your things to do list. I always had problem of making a to do list and then forgetting to even open the app to take a look back at it. This to do list 1app is a solution to that forgetfulness. It’s a very simple application with a bit of a twist, it stays up in your sliding panel console and lock screen. This way whenever you will turn on your phone you’ll be to check the list.

In it’s first version we’ve added twelve items that you can write on whatever you want to do and they’ll be appearing on your lockscreen as a notification thus you will never have to worry about opening an app or setting up an alarm. The notification will stay there until you set it off in the settings. But that’s the whole purpose of this app, to keep you informed at all times.

I have started using it right after its built and I’m sure if whether you’re a businessman, educator, student, doctor or engineer, this app will probably benefit you in the way no other app can. In the end it’s all about simply keep us reminded of the things that needs to be done everyday.

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