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Transform your browsing experience with a number of advanced features such as multiple sites open simultaneously 1in a 3d box, full screen and 3d environment. No one just has a single web page open any more, and the ability to flick seamlessly between them has become as essential to web browsers. The Web Browser App isn’t exactly what you’d call “the best browser” but the features it does have are very carefully selected and very useable. It’s still very much a tabbed browser, but it doesn’t treat the tabs as pages, so much as the sides of a cube – or a polyhedron, to be a little more accurate. With The Web Browser App, you can stay up-to-date on your social activity without the hassle. Tapping “Previous button” (bottom-left corner button) or “Next button” (bottom-right corner button) rotates the three-dimensional shape around which the tabs are built, so you can quickly – and mightily attractively, it should be noted – switch between multiple open web pages. In essence, this is no real difference to any other form of tabbed browser, but it feels very immediate and is a pleasure to use. Access all your social networking services in one place.

Too many social networks to follow and update?
No problem, Atom supports a dizzying number of social platforms including: Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, deviantART, Reddit, Yahoo Answers, LiveJournal, Dailymotion, Badoo, Xing, Digg, Meetup, Tagged, Taringa, MySpace, MyLife, Twoo, Match, Linkedin and more.2

Based on WebKit (the already fast core of the Safari and Chrome browsers), instead of unloading browsed pages as you navigate, Lightning keeps a buffer of many WebBrowser objects in memory. This allows you to return back to a previously viewed page instantaneously without having to wait for it to reload. This optimization makes a huge difference to speed of navigation.

The best way to navigate the web is here, cube browsing, this method allows users browse your web pages in a fullscreen 3d cube.

Browse in tabs and rotate the cube for more tabs, incredible way to browse the web!

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