The “Final Social Media Destination” SCREAMXO.COM to be launched this Christmas

New-age mobile and tablet app SCREAMXO is about to be launched on December 26, 2016. This app renders the facility of unlimited sharing, posting and streaming of text and media coupled with the perks of selling and buying right from the app profile.

Place, Date: Much to the delight of current and potential social media users, the coming holiday season is about to witness the launch of innovative SCREAMXO.COM “all inclusive app” which speaks of a breakthrough amalgamation of the best techniques of today’s social networking sites. Rightly dubbed as the “final social media destination”, this FREE app will run on both mobile and tablet and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The launch is scheduled for December 26, 2016.

“We are excited to bring to you ‘the final social media destination’ as this year’s grand Christmas gift. Designed with the best of popular social networking sites, our system will allow today’s youth culture to organize, create and profit in one simple highly magnetizing application. You can upload as many videos as you want, securely sell & buy with your buddies all around the world as well as tweet your heart out without worrying about any character limitation. You won’t be restricted by the 140 character limitation as imposed by Twitter which might not be enough for you to express yourself completely. ‘Unlimited’ is the watchword here. This app counts your privacy as well. In fact, it’s also the first ever private network app that doesn’t publish the user content by default”, stated Ugochukwu Okafor, the man behind SCREAMXO.COM.

A rare combination of a techie and a musician, Ugochukwu Okafor had been committed to develop a product that can distribute media through social networking and can also facilitate benefits of ecommerce and unlimited micro blogging. Thus, SCREAMXO was born.

NexGenProjxInc is the parent company behind the futuristic application and SCREAMXO is going to 2 press conferences soon, on October 31 and November 26.

SCREAMXO speaks of 5 key features-

Media Buffet- it will allow the users to have all their photos, audio, videos and music in one easy to access scrollable tab. Users will benefit from a simplified layout here.

Shop– the app allows users to post goods for sale which can be sold directly from their SCREAMXO profiles through Bitcoin. The app also accepts PayPal and Bank card payments.

Stream-Users are getting seamless micro blogging facility through post text, social stream, videos, pictures and music directly to their streams. They will have complete control on whatever they do on their profiles, be it creating group lists or hash tags or blocking anybody or restricting access to their streams.

Time: SCREAMXO will help with auto delete of media and the user can specify when his chat or media would be deleted.

Easy Social– The app allows instant messaging with buddies with its patented Easy Social feature.

“SCREAMXO will double up your Christmas fun with its breezy intuitive UI experience and premium game-changing features. It has got the perfect format perfectly tailored to what we need now or at any present time in the future.”

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