Stay Sober, Stop Drinking

Are you trying to stop drinking alcohol but are you having a hard time to avoid the urge to have a drink with friends?1

Start using the Stay Sober, Stop Drinking app now to help you change your drinking habit. Stay Sober, Stop Drinking is a mobile runner game which helps you to get rid of your cravings for a drink in a fun and interactive way. By playing the game for just a few minutes a day, you will get more control over your desire to have a drink. As you keep playing this game, you will eventually get full control over your drinking cravings.

The Stay Sober, Stop Drinking app is based on Cognitive Biased Modification; a computer-based therapy that works by gradually changing your attentional bias. The simple process of consciously and repeatedly selecting non-alcoholic drinks such as water or orange juice over alcoholic beverages, helps you to gradually develop a positive bias – a tendency to focus more on the positive information around you in everyday life. This positive bias effect that you learn from the Stay Sober, Stop Drinking app will support you to overcome your drinking addiction!
Still wondering how this game makes quitting drinking easy? Here are the features of the app/game that make it unique –

– Based on proven therapy CBM to overcome addictions
– Collect non-alcoholic drinks and dodge alcoholic beverages
– Game is over when you do not dodge an alcoholic beverage
– Tips for cravings during the game
– Keep track of your improvements
– Keep track of high scores

Excited to get started? Don’t wait any longer! Try our free app to experience mobile runner games to help you quit your addiction!

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