Start Running. Coach for beginners

Get started running? What could be easier!1

Don’t worry about the distance, pace or speed. You‘ll think of them later.
Listen to the instructions and run the way that is the most comfortable for you.

Don’t focus on how good your running technique is. Getting out the door and starting to run is what’s most important.

Our goal is to increase jogging time. Nothing else matters.

+ Your personal running trainer
+ Ready-to-go training plan for beginners
+ Detailed statistics of each training
+ Tracking the distance covered
+ GPS-route of every session2
+ Built-in pedometer
+ Calorie counter

4-level workout plan:
* Level 1. Goal: 20 minutes of running.
* Level 2. Goal: 30 minutes of running.
* Level 3. Goal: 40 minutes of running.
* Level 4. Goal: 60 minutes of running.

Each level takes 4 weeks, with 3 runs per week.

Join us running!

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