Sleeping Garden:Sounds of nature for relaxation

Enjoy the sounds of nature and relax your body and mind.

Does the daily grind leave you stressed out? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep after a tiring day? Are you a nature lover? If you answer yes to any of these questions then this 1app is specially designed for you! Download now and enjoy a huge variety of customisable nature sounds for FREE.

This app contains a panel of nature sounds such as the sound of waterfalls and bird chirping, which can then be mixed together to create the perfect nature track to listen to while you work. It can also be used as a tool to beat insomnia for stressed out individuals. Students who need a relaxed atmosphere to study can greatly benefit from this app as it creates the perfect backdrop and cuts out all distracting noise so you can study in peace to the sound of nature.

This app boasts some of the following features:
● Easy to use interface.
● An artistic design that is pleasing to the eye.
● A huge variety of nature sounds that include a variety of waterfall sounds, streaming water, wind blowing through the trees, birds chirping and singing.
● The sounds can be listened to individually or added together to create a more realistic sound track.It is a great tool for mindfulness meditation.
● A timer to play sounds as long as you need- a special feature for those who will use it to help beat insomnia. The track stops paying when the timer stops.2
● Crystal clear sounds- you will be transported to an oasis of relaxation.

Benefit of this application
· Healing of depression.
· Relaxation of tinnitus and migraine.
· Relaxing insomnia.
· Good sleep.
· Relaxation.
· Mindfulness meditation.
· Stress management.
· Anger management.
· Sound healing.
This app will greatly help those looking for peace in their daily lives download now and carry a piece of nature in your pocket.

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