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I believe Solution at Simplest, which means Being Simple Being Capable. So, we decided to build a Simplest way to make notes on the fly.Dashboard


“Shop It!” is an inconspicuous note-taking app. It looks and acts like a normal texting screen, but instead of the text entries being sent to another phone, they are recorded and time-stamped on a ‘notes’ page. You can also add photos and voice memos. You blend right in with everyone else who’s texting.  Greatly reduces the stress of shops that require stealth and multiple timings.

– Everything is TIME-STAMPED (TO THE SECOND) can be easily toggled between 12/24hrs time format

– It just looks like you are texting

– No Log-in required; not associated with any MSC’s

– Intuitive and simple to use. If you can text, you already know how to “Shop It!”

– Stealth Feature / “Panic Button” press the “Next” button to flip to a screen that simulates a word game… then just press the same spot to flip back

– Share your Voice memos across all the Social sharing available on your phoneScreen1

– iTunes File Sharing option available which allows you to easily access your Notes files on your system iTunes.



– ‘Tap’ the screen to mark the time (to the second)- similar to a ‘lap timer’

– You can save numerous events for future access

– Email your Text and Photos along with accurate timestamp.

– Play back recordings within ‘Shop It’, (noted to the second) works very well in the background too.

– If desired, embed location data into photos (GPS marked).

– Save notes and “do not forget” instructions on the ‘Shop List’ page. flip back and forth discreetly between this and the covert ‘Text Entry’ screen.Screen2


Shop-It Notes / Timings / Recordings / Photos , on the fly…just looks like you are Texting

For far less than your pay on one ‘Fast Food Shop’, add this App to your Mystery-Shopping Toolkit.  Spend less energy trying not-to-be-spotted and more time observing; save time on reports since you have all your notes, timings, photos, and voice memos in one place. Time=Money; it all adds up. *** (Tax deductible as a business expense).

For simple Operating Instructions, Frequently Asked Questions, and User Tips – Please visit

***  The app has proven very stable and complaints are rare, but if there is ever anything amiss we definitely need the feedback in order to fix it.  We respond quickly to every inquiry.  Thank you for considering ‘Shop-It’!!  ***


Shop It is available on app store and can be downloaded from the link here.




Please visit


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