Serenity Zen

“That exquisite poise of character, which we call serenity is the last lesson of culture, the fruitage of the soul.” says screen520x924the great thinker James Allen in his masterpiece book As A Man Thinketh. And this poise of character is the result of a long and patient effort.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to facilitate this effort by spending time at a zen garden, at a clear river or even at the beach in mindful meditation? It most certainly would!

Serenity Zen mobile app is the calming getaway in your pocket. It opens a window to beautiful zen gardens, scenic beaches, waterfalls and many more beauties of mother nature to keep you connected to the powerful energy that is all surrounding.
A window to calmness and serenity would be incomplete without the guidance and words of wisdom of a master thinker. That’s why we warm-heartedly provided the narration of the most peaceful chapter; “Serenity” for your meditation session. To bring calmness into your heart and mind.

With the app you are getting:
10 astonishing, high resolution, continuous Zen videos and audios that provide you with endless meditation content:
– Lush zen garden with a pond and tall waterfall
– Zen stones at the turquoise beachscreen520x924_003
– Expansive mountains and a cherry blossom branches fluttering in the crisp breeze
– Zen stones at the bank of a waterfall
– Peaceful tea house with a flowing river and falling cherry blossom leaves
– Beautiful koi pond with colorful fish
– Concentration enhancing Shishi-odoshi
– Sunshine filled garden with a small waterfall and floating flowers in the pond
– Meditative candle on fine sand
– Calming ocean vista with the Serenity chapter narrationscreen520x924_004

Parallax effect for increased realism.

Rich sound for immersive relaxation.

A timer with sound alert feature gives you an option to time your meditation.

A paragraph of the Serenity chapter is conveniently accessible whenever you desire.

Download Serenity Zen:




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