RubricMaster is designed by ARCHITHREADS LLC.screen696x696_005

Manage your class assessments with this effective and simple tool.
Get an insight into students and class learning and share it with your stakeholders.
Easy steps: create or select a class. Assess the class students. Generate a report.
Your every day class work is in your hand.

The process of monitoring the student learning in the classroom is at the heart of the teaching art. This process involves conducting periodic reviews with students, recording scores, reviewing student performance data collected and recorded and using these data to identify gaps in their knowledge and understanding, making needed adjustments in instruction.
The completion of these activities may require a lot of teacher’s time and the use of several different devices and software applications.
RubricMaster comes to rescue the teacher. RubricMaster allows the teacher to:
– assess the class according to predefined standards.screen696x696_003
– collect and record students grades.
– capture student assessment.
– capture student work.
– take notes associated to the student work.
– record memo to quickly document the student performance.
– evaluate student and class learning progress.
– compare student learning progress with the class progress average.
– report all the collected data and archive them.
– regroup students to revaluate them according to the analyzed learning progress data.

RubricMaster is a user friendly tool, which allows the teacher to more frequently assess the students to make sure the instruction process is effective.

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