Roosta Social Video Messenger

Roosta Alarm is the World’s 1st Smart Phone social video messaging alarm app.1

So what is Roosta social alarm?

Roosta is a social app with a twist! Roosta’s amazing features enables you to record videos to send to your friends.
Wait!….is that it? Nothing new right?
Well, let me tell you that the UNIQUE feature of Roosta is that you can choose the DATE and TIME the video plays on your friends smart phone!! yes you read it correctly! Amazing right?

So Sit back, relax and have fun recording social alarm video messages and chat with friends. Send Prank Videos, Happy Birthday Videos Morning alarms


Record happy birthday videos wishing friends plays on their birthday!

▼ Record Funny videos to send a friend.2

Record prank videos your friends!

▼Record a loving anniversary video to your partner so you never forget your anniversary again.

Forgetful? Record yourself a reminder video. Just set to the chosen date and time you need it for.

▼ Use Roosta as an social alarm clock for friends

Download Today and and join in on the fun sending social videos!




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