Ridlr- Daily Commute Ticketing just got much easier!

Say goodbye to your ticketing troubles and the hassles of waiting in long cues for recharging your metro card. You 1can now get hold of Ridlr, a smart new app on the Android store that promises to take away all your transport troubles at once.

With the growing traffic in India and increased congestion on the streets, there is a pressing need for bringing people from all spheres to use public transportation. If the well-heeled are saved from the ongoing trouble that people have with public transport then they just might put off their decision to use their private cars. This in turn will result in less cars on the road, meaning less fuel consumption and lesser carbon footprints.

With applications like Ridlr, there can be a paradigm shift in the way people think and act in their daily lives. Most of us are ready to spend money if we can save time or have that extra one hour of sleep before work everyday and Ridlr does just that. With Ridlr, the commuters perception of public transport is bound to change forever.

App Features

Ridlr is a lightweight application that can be installed easily on our phones under any kind of network condition. Here are some of the features.2

Friendly home screen

The app home screen gives users the options to choose between booking tickets or planning a trip. Other than that the first screen that users comes across gives them the option create their profile.  The second screen on Ridlr’s app allows users to choose between booking tickets and planning your travel. The app will soon have more functionalities added to it that will help users to easily book bus passes and local train tickets as well.

Saves smartphone memory

The best part about Ridlr is that it uses very little memory on our phones. Smartphone users are always on the lookout for mobile apps that can offer a great user interface, good information, safe micro payment gateways, and fast moving screens. Ridlr does just that exactly and hence, is slowly gaining popularity amongst many users across India.3

Be on time. Always!

Meeting deadlines is our biggest challenge today. The same applies to public transportation as well. We are always unsure of the timings for every mode of public transit whether it’s the train timings or the bus. This indicates that we need to have more control on our lives. So, how does Ridlr help in keeping tab of time ? Simple, Ridlr gives you live updates about your train and bus schedule ensuring that you never miss your ride ever again. The train time tables of more than a dozen cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Vadodara, and Indore is fed into the system, for which you can get data about with one touch and swipe. The app thus helps the locals and tourists to plan their travel in a better manner and save time in the process.

Booking Tickets Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Booking tickets require you to keep your GPS open and the app automatically detects your location it, and then asks for your final destination. Thereafter it lists down the entire route by car, bus, train and by walking. If, in case, you 4have a better solution for a shorter route the app prompts you to feed data so that it can be can be updated on their database. The application syncs well with the Google Maps application protocol interface in order to deliver accurate and precise results to customers

Easy recharges and bus e-ticketing

Is your metro card out of funds? Ridlr understands what a tiring process, standing in the long cue and getting a recharge or carrying loads of change for bus passes can be for commuters, especially office goers. In fact, they no longer have to visit the station and get it done through automated machines. Ridlr enables them to do so easily from their home or anywhere else via their mobiles.

 Good app for women

If female commuters can get good and precise information about the bus schedules or train timings, then the fact is that they will feel more secure. Research has shown that women prefer to use public transport more as compared to driving on their own in private cars on unfamiliar routes as it makes them uncomfortable and unsafe. Every woman 5is concerned about her security first and this fact is true all over the world. Public transport gives them a sense of security which private transport does not. 70% of women commuters in Delhi take the metro as they perceive it to be safer with dedicated women compartments, designated seats for women in male compartments, and the presence of  the CISF in these stations. Parents are also assured of their daughters’ safety as these enable them to guide their child on the best route whether she is going for an exam, an event, or any other place unescorted.

Over to You

With a high population density, India offers a large market for such public transport apps like Ridlr, which can cut through clutter, attain top-of-the-mind recall, and gain traction. Advertisers and venture capitalists are looking forward to such mobile applications that have such an awesome design that it is almost invisible and can really solve real-life problems.

Ridlr is a real problem solver and is expected to do well on the Android store.  In our view, this is a well-designed application has enormous potential to acquire a gargantuan user base and stay on top of mobile screens for a long time to come.

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