Quick Measure – EN & AR

Ever wished you could draw something and measure the different dimensions without your tape?1

Then Quick Measure is for you.

We always want to know the exact height of a building, friend, and our gadget.

We also love talking about the length and breadth of furniture without actually measuring it for real.

Quick Measure will get you all the area associated with an item from just the camera of your phone.

Using ARkit, Quick Measure can blend in real time with your existing environment to give you the accurate measure you seek.

Quick Measure makes it more comfortable carrying a phone than a tape rule to work.

How does it work?
Just snap a document, item, property or drawing and Quick Measure will annotate the different angles and measurements.

Want to measure a live picture or a room?

It is simple, measure the area by drawing points, and the app will annotate their measurement.
it can measure areas as well, by drawing any shape using continuous points

These measurements can come in meter, centimeters, inch, and foot.

All you have to do is save the screenshot, and you are alright.

Share your Screenshots with friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Ideal for architects, engineers, photographers, and artisans who would want to carry something handy and of utility on their phone in case a job comes up. 3

Key features:
• Friendly user interface
• ‎Smooth navigation system
• ‎Measure in length
• Measure areas
• Draw shapes using continuous point
• ‎Allow copy of results to an existing clipboard
• ‎ Great undo button
• ‎3D display graphics
• ‎ARkit embedded
• ‎Automatic detection
• ‎Accuracy of each measurement

Download Quick Measure for Free:




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