Qiblah Travelers

The qiblah travelers is easy to use and know the direction , time prayers, near Masjed. It is free for all users.screen696x696_003

Qiblah Travelers, points you to Qabe in Mecca, where Muslims must turn to before they pray. Application tries to fix your location on the world using one of GPS sensor, wireless networks or cell data. Whichever fixes with more accurate than the value set in the application settings is used. After that application calculates magnetic declination using algorithm and coefficients supplied by World Magnetic Model. By calculating magnetic declination, application now knows how many degrees is Magnetic North is wrong from Geographic North. At last, using compass, it shows you the direction that Qibla resides.

Qibla travelers app indicates you the Prayer timing, the Mosques near you and the Qibla direction wherever you are!
Prayer Times Qibla.

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