Private Dialer

Make your calls private and have secure call records with Private Dialer. The app Private Dialer deletes your call 1records automatically keeping your privacy intact. Just feed in the number for which you would like to delete the records. That is it! Make unlimited calls without worrying about deleting the logs. The app ensures to keep your call records and all the related logs automatically deleted.
Private Dialer is the best app to secure your logs by deleting unnecessary call records. The app will not even send the notification for missed calls or any other incoming outgoing calls. Keep your device clean by safely automatically removing all the call traces from unnecessary numbers. Add the numbers to your Private Dialer and forget about the call records.

Download app Private Dialer and get your call traces deleted automatically with no overheads. The app Private Dialer is perfect for all the devices and you will enjoy keeping all your call records private.




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