Places Near Me

Find places near your locations using this android application. Now you can find ATMs, Nearby situated Banks, 1Petrol and Gas Stations, Nearby Restaurants, Bar and Café shops, Hospital near your area, Hotel in your places, Taxi stands, Movie Theatre, Beauty Salon and Spa, Wi-Fi spots and many more important places.

Most of the times you are in a situation where you need to find an ATM or Gas Station. Find places app helps you to trace nearby ATMs and Gas Stations in just single tap of screen. Tap on ATMs and Gas Stations to find nearest available Gas stations and ATMs situated in your area.
Search nearby places and locations using Google maps. The GPS allow user to search any location available on the Google map.

This location finder app is the best advisor for your planned trip. You can find best places in your city and country as well. Check any events happening near your locality. Best app for the peoples who want to keep up to date with the latest events j=happening within radius of their area.
Another more comprehensive quick search includes over 90 places to look for.2
Search places with the specific name and save searches for later use.
Check favorite button to mark your desired locations.
This application operates worldwide without any restrictions.
Switch on GPS location to find near locations.
You can change the themes of the apps accordingly.
Limit the areas to find locations within specific radius.

If you are fond of travelling then use this location finer app as companion. You can find locations of any hospitals, police stations, restaurants and Gas stations on a single tap of screen.

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