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You Sell News, You Earn Money

Have you got fresh hot news about a street or Mall? Just spotted a celebrity ,discounts , events or anything interesting about your life experience ?Sell it on Pennies mart to screen696x696thousands or Millions of people and make quick cash. hundreds or thousands of dollars from one piece of interesting news.
Search and find hot news and information not found in Newspapers, Magazines , Google,Twitter or anywhere else
How it works
Register using your facebook ,twitter or linkedin account , register your paypal account, charge your balance with minimum $1, then start selling and buying
Hunt news, log in create a title and choose location to post it in, put details, upload photos or video ,set the fair price from 1 CENT up to 99 CENT and it is now searchable by your neighborhood
Revenues are payable to seller only after 1 week from date of posting if there are no common complains , no lies and no scammers
Search news, interested in Title? Click to buy, See details, your balance charged the displayed price,
Doneā€¦ you bought it, only you pay for what you buy, no subscription fees.

Who can use pennies Mart? Everyone can sell and buy news in pennies Mart.
News revolution

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