PAYYAP – The Payments App

PAYYAP revolutionizes consumer payments!1
• The easiest way to get paid;

• First to make “taking payments over the telephone”, simple and available to everyone!

• Real-time payment completion;

• Recorded voice authorizations (per payment) to reduce fraud and disputes;

• Available worldwide.

Have you ever been chatting with a customer on Skype™ – wishing you could simply take a payment “over the phone” – but were “forced” to use PayPal instead ?

There must be a better way!!

PAYYAP is an App for iOS/Android that place2s a “request for payment” telephone call on your behalf. Simply key in your customer’s name, phone number and amount they owe you!

PAYYAP servers will place an automated telephone call to your customer, who will then be guided through a secure payment process; that you are able to monitor in real-time, with your PAYYAP – Payments App!

If you think Square™ is easy, try PAYYAP! (No “squares” necessary!) ?

PAYYAP – The Payments App™ is 100% PCI / DSS-compliant.

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