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Have you ever seen a piece of artwork that inspired you so much that you know you had to have it in your home? 90f3e728ccfa89e7f0f05d65a977d643_originalWhile there are seemingly list upon list of talented artists, many people are still looking for art that speaks to them. Blind searches may prove fruitless and exhausting, with pieces not quite presenting what you’re looking for, or price ranges being far outside of one’s comfort zone. Avaulte is an intuitive art app that uses the interests of the user to help them find new artwork. It will introduce buyers to undiscovered artists and give the opportunity to find pieces they can truly connect to. Buying original art will become a less stressful commitment and selling will be aided.

Avaulte provides a benefit to both the artists and buyers. The app will give artists the opportunity to find an audience for their artwork, which is difficult among a sea of other talented individuals. It could be the leg up they need to start selling work and focus on producing more art rather than dedicating themselves to various other jobs just to make ends meet. Buyers will also be able to find more affordable artwork by buying from these artists. Various price ranges will be available and the app will customize the search to suit a buyer’s budget. Original pieces are no longer out of reach. This app is connecting artists and buyers in a revolutionary way and encouraging the artistic world to keep turning.

If you’d like to learn more about the professional and talented team behind this innovative app and share more information about Avaulte please check out their campaign page!

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