Newsflash – Bring the News to You


Think of Newsflash as your personal assistant. You turn on the news channels you want to hear from and Newsflash will notify you when there is something new to know about.

Newsflash is built with a unique algorithm that listens for standard web feed formats that frequently publish updated 1information; such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video. When there is are new updates from your favorite channels, Newsflash will send a push notification to your iOS device.

With over 120 of the most popular sources online and growing every day, Newsflash can update you with:
• Latest news headlines
• Real-time news updates
• Upcoming Netflix releases
• New, upcoming, and popular movies at the box office
• Sports scores
• Funny and interesting stuff
• Latest Reddit posts
• Celebrity and entertainment news
• Transit service advisories
• Much, much more

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