My Study Focus

Gone are the days when you have to use a paper-planner to organize your career as a student. 1
You can now manage your time and daily student activities with our unique notification system.
Our one of a kind Grades calculator would do all the hard arithmetics for you in finding out your results.
All these in one app dedicated to help you study effectively as a student.

myStudyFocus has the following awesome features

Manage your courses/subjects with our well designed database, which allows you to categorize your courses according to your current year and semester/term in school.

Manage your classes and never get to a class late with our inbuilt notification system, which reminds you 10 minutes before a class and when it is time for the class

Easily assign tasks to your courses [such as submitting an assignment at a certain 2day and time, reading your book at a particular hour], and our notification system will not forget to notify you when the class is due.

Calendar View allows you to view your tasks at a glance for today, for the week or for the month

Managing your grades has become more easier; you can calculate your grade point and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) with ease, you can also estimate your grade point for a particular semester/term

Export your data such as class, task, exams, notes, grades on your local storage and can easily share the data via your favourite messaging client (whatsapp, gmail etc) to your friends to import the data into their device.

Backup and restore your data across all android devices with our online servers (Available to pro users).

Well designed dashboard to view your events for the day.3

Random display of motivational quotes to motivate you for the day ahead.

A notepad to write notes while in class or when you are reading.

Clean and simple user interface with an intuitive user experience.



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