My Name Ringtone Plus

My Name Ringtone Plus is a very simple app where you can key in your desired text, which gets converted to a ringtone. Please note that this is an absolutely free app and is very user friendly.1
Works as below!
You just need to open the app My Name Ringtone Plus and you find option to create ringtone.
Just type the desired text and click on “save” Immediately your favorite ringtone gets saved.
Like wise you may create number of ringtones of your choice and assign them as ring tones.
With My Name Ringtone Plus, you don’t have to just depend on boring and regular pre-loaded ringtones.
You can be as creative as you can. You may create funny ringtones or scary ringtones or devotional depending on your mood.
Congratulations… Now you are a ringtone maker.

Download My Name Ringtone Plus for Free:




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