My Files – File manager & Vault files, Media

My Files is a powerful file manager that enables you to manage files on your device. You can handle files, document viewer, view/audio player and manager them and export them to your computer. If you do not believe try to screen696x696download app and check.

Using My Files is easy. In Tab-bar menu ‘Files’ just click ‘+’ button to display action sheet menu. You can tap on screen to create folder , receive image, video from Photo and copy file from Cloud of your.

# File Manager
– Create new folder? – Copy, cut, paste, delete, rename operations
– Create file text/Note
– Support multi selection files
– Long press
in Row: Change status edit file with 4 loop modes
+ One: change status to edit
+ Two: selected all
+ Three: deselect all
+ Four: change status to normalscreen696x696_002
in Header Section: Add photo or video
– Import private photo or video into app
– Upload file in app to Cloud
– Take photo or video inside the app.

# Powerful media player
– Play all audio file in current a folder
– Support mov, m4v, mp4, flv, avi

# Music player
– Play all mp3 file in current a folder or play list
– Background play
– Play control
– Support mp3, wav, wma
# Recorder audio

# Document viewer
– Support pdf, word, excel
– Extract and compress RAR/ ZIP files
– Send file as email attachment

# Privacy Protection
– App passcode
– All data in app is encode

Download My Files – File manager & Vault files, Media for Free:




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