Music Player

It is a simple yet Theme based music player for android where Music can be played and can look beautiful. 1
Music Player(Song Player) is one of the most beautiful music app featuring a blurry / blur theme with number of verities.
Key Features:
# Create Playlist and Save them(from “now playing” screen)
# Amazing and beautiful User interface.
# Multi- select to add music to playlist or can create playlist
# Songs are shorted by Alphabetical order.

This Music application features the most beautifully designed interface.The style of this Music app can be changed.
It lets you manage your music playlist very easily you can listen to your favourite songs easily Music player(Song player)-
This music Player supports mp3,wav ,flac and many other such audio formats.
Listen to your favourite music on the most elegant and beautiful user interface.
It is based on artists ,albums,songs,playlist etc.(Supporting wav , mp3, 2flac and many other such formats)
The perfect animations and minimalist design has a soothing effect on you.
Currently you can add songs to a playlist and add it to the now playing list.
You can even multi select songs to add it to now playing list and save it to a playlist of your choice.
Music player (Song player) app have genres feature to show songs via genres.
You can totally create new playlist too from the now playing list and album,songs,artist screen. Using this music player, you can create playlist very easily.
Play songs from where ever you want,like song list album list,artist list,playlist etc.

This music player(Song player) is free now lots of improvement needs to be done waiting for your suggestions.

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