Mp3 Player – Music Streaming

Mp3 Player is natively designed, to give you the best possible mobile music experience.

Check out our ultimate music discovery app on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Browse, Search and listen to your favourite tracks and bands whatever the time, wherever you are. screen696x696_003

The app is optimized for iOS 10, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and is absolutely free to download.

Download our app and discover:
• Thousands of tracks for free
• Intuitive search by artist name, title, remix, DJ or cover
• Audio files of various types including podcasts, Audiobooks, shows and many more!
• One-tap music streaming

Other app features include:
• Fully featured in-app music player
• Playback in the background
• Playback controls in the lock screen

Download MP3 Player – Music Streaming for Free:




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