MooCash (Moo Locker)

MooCash (previously Moo Locker) is a money making app that pay you cash, free talktime, free mobile recharge, gift 1cards & other rewards for trying out offers in your phone’s lock screen.

★ How to earn free rewards?
1) Install MooCash and sign up with Facebook
2) Turn OFF your screen
3) Turn ON your screen
4) Swipe left to earn by checking out offers or swipe right to unlock your phone normally

★ What can I redeem?
1) Cash (PayPal, bank transfer)
2) Free mobile recharge
3) Free talktime
4) Free gift cards
5) Free shopping vouchers

★ FAQ about MooCash app
1) What should I do to earn free talktime, mobile recharge, cash or gift cards?
Install free apps and games (blue offer), visit a page (orange offer) or watch a video (red offer).

2) I don’t see any offer?2
Most likely because there is no offer for your country at the moment. New offers are added every day. Keep MooCash app in the background and look out for offer to earn rewards.

3) When can I get free talktime, recharge, cash or gift cards?
Minimum redemption is $2 or $5 depending on where you are making money from and what type of rewards you choose.

4) How long before I get the money?
You will get your rewards usually within 72 business hours.

5) What other ways can I earn talktime, free mobile recharge or cash?
You can earn more by sharing apps and games or MooCash with friends.

6) I have a new phone. Will my money be transferred over?
Yes. Sign in with the same Facebook account and your money will show up on the new phone.

What are you waiting for? Download MooCash now to enjoy cash, free talktime, free recharge and many more today!




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