MoboMail – The FREE Email App

MoboMail Email App is a free and light-weighted, yet powerful mobile email client designed for android phones and tablets. It combines a gorgeous graphical yet simple design for a great user experience for all your email accounts.
MoboMail Email App supports multiple accounts via IMAP, POP3 and/or SMTP, and allows you to sync and manage an unlimited number of mailboxes from all your providers. Enjoy the best smooth email experience for all your email accounts.

MoboMail Email App is reliable and ever improving. We understand how your business is important to you and MoboMail would not disappoint you.

Highlighted features:

• Real push email for a wide range of email services
• Real time email notification immediately upon receipt of new emails, never miss an email
• Notifications preferences including Quiet Hours, Custom Sounds, Vibrate Alerts and other preferences on a per email account basis. For example, notifications can be set to be disabled at night and enabled in the morning for most email accounts and only be left on at night for other more important accounts.
• Option to disable/enable background synchronization2
• Folder synchronization can be set on a per folder basis, all folders can be managed by tapping the folder icon
• Different memory locations can be set for different accounts. Attachments can be uploaded and downloaded to different locations
• Email conversations with Conversation Threading
• Font sizes is resizable on a per page basis
• Split screen for tablet and/or landscape orientation
• Option to Import/export settings from sd card or internal memory
• Choose from Light/Dark theme. Different themes can be set for different pages
• More than 20 different languages are supported
• Realtime widgets for unread email counts
• Rich-text editor to format text in writing and replying emails
• Highly customizable and configurable

Our feature list goes on and on. We encourage you to download our app and see how this app can help you to improve your business and personal communications.

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