Maths Brain

Maths Brain is a free Android App compatible with all the latest versions.Maths Brain is a Question Answer Fun unnamedGame for users of every age with HD Graphics and friendly interface. Maths Brain Sharps your Mathematical skills and expands your BrainBox with some brain storming and funny tricks.
User can select different mode of Tests in Maths Brain and questions will display in front of the screen for some seconds , user will
have to manage the time and answer the question correctly for moving to next question.
Maths Brain based on the four basic arithmetic operations
– addition
– subtraction
– multiplication
– division

– 6 “standard game modes” (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, addition/subtraction and “mix” with all four basic arithmetic)
– special Maths Puzzle Mode1
– suitable for all ages from 12
– Fantastic HD graphic
– Mathematical Tables for children’s to Learn
– Mathematical questions of every type and different levels.
– Words Problem with different levels


Download Maths Brain for Free:




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