Many Calendars – Journal, Organizer, Calendar

Calendars are not just about meetings and agendas, it is also where we can mark an occurrence, record events and track patterns.

This is exactly why we made Many Calendars. An innovative app that lets you do all the above and above all in separate calendars for each activity.

* Add unique calendars for each activity.1
* Mark dates /occurrences with 5 unique symbols available.
* Define what the icons mean to you uniquely for each calendar.
* Add notes, pictures, attachment to any date.
* Record events.
* Filter date of occurrence
* Track patterns.
* Set up meeting, get reminders.
* A clear month view that shows the symbols,notes,events.
* A list view to read and view the sequence of that calendar.
* Year view with highlights.
* One consolidated agenda from all calendars from home page.
* Global Search.
* Full offline features.

Mark the dates you attended your classes, capture the gifts you received from your loved ones, record your baby’s health and vaccination details. Track all your travels. Know how often you went swimming.Keep a track of when you paid for anything and much more. Not just that, add your agenda and get reminders.

There is already so much to remember, leave the mundane to Many Calendars.

Download Many Calendars for Free:




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